We Produce and export shea butter

We Produce & Export Shea Butter

Our Shea Butter is extracted in the best raw from Africa

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We are a US based trading company trading under Priority Plus Inc a North Carolina based Company with manufacturing plants in Benin republic,Ghana and Nigeria.

TransAfrica trade was borne out of the genuine desire to empower women and men who live and work in the rural villages of Africa where their primary occupation is farming and agriculture.

Africa is well known to be a land full of rich and natural resources most of which are untapped.This hardworking men and women have refused to yield to the temptation of rural urban migration and decided to stay back in the villages and make a living for themselves by processing the raw materials and preparing them commercially which we partner with them to sell  for export.

Our mission is to empower women and men to provide for their families by partnering with them in providing the best agricultural products to the market place.

Our Vision is to be the best seller of agricultural produce from Africa to the rest of the world with high international standard practice our watchword.

Currently we produce and process for export in large quantities Shea butter,baobab oil,cashew nut and black soap.We work towards producing these products using the highest market grade specifications.

We can send you samples on request.

For every sample we send you we promise to match the same items to ship under the same exact specifications.Inform us on our contact us page the quantity you need and specific product you need and we will respond with an offer and terms of trade.

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Our Shea Butter is our prime premium product.We can sell raw or refined Shea Butter in any quantity.Simply send us an email telling us your required quantity and port of destination.Help us support the rural women who toil day and night to make a living for themselves in Africa

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