Our Shipment for our products are done under strict regulation in regards to hygiene and standardization,we have the best workers who produce and process and send containerized products to the ports for shipment.

We start processing goods for shipment immediately an order is confirmed against our invoice submitted.As soon as the ship leaves for the buyers ports we will send the bill of lading in calculation of estimated time of arrival at buyers chosen destination port

Logistics and Delivery

We go the extra mile for our clients.Upon arrival of our shipment to the United States we arrange for logisitics to the clients warehouse or factory from the ports.This however is an optional service as we believe most buyers from the US and Europe already have their logistics arrangment from the port to their final destination.


Order Our Shea Buttter

Our Shea Butter is our prime premium product.We can sell raw or refined Shea Butter in any quantity.Simply send us an email telling us your required quantity and port of destination.Help us support the rural women who toil day and night to make a living for themselves in Africa

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